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As we had frequently predicted, on June 27, 2016, the CVAG Executive Committee passed the motion required to place the CV Link within the "TPPS" list of projects. Only projects on the "TPPS" list are eligible for Measure "A" funds from CVAG. Now, CVAG will use Measure "A" funds for the CV Link construction and maintenance costs of the CV Link's 14-feet of specially constructed pathway required for the speedy, car-like Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs).

With virtually no discussion (because CVAG's dinner meeting was scheduled to start), and without prior notice to the public (and apparently unnoticed by the local newspaper) the single vote also placed on the TPPS list an additional $193.6 million worth of additional routes for NEVs and bicycles... Read Full Letter

CV Link Related Messages from Dana Hobart

There are some matters before the City Council that provoke different opinions and different votes. One issue about which the City Council was unanimous (a 5-0 vote) was the issue of protecting residents from the negative effects of having the CV Link, a 20' to 30' pathway traversing on and adjacent to Highway 111 and Bob Hope drive in locations where it would negatively impact businesses, our Public Library, our Fire Station and multiple residential communities.By voting YES on MEASURE 1 we will cement the protections the city council has approved.

What is CV Link ?

"CV Link is a 50-mile, alternative transportation corridor for bicycles, pedestrians, and low-speed (up to 25 mph) electric vehicles along the Whitewater River and Tahquitz Creek that will initially stretch from Palm Springs to Coachella."

"The proposed initial implementation includes 47 channel or roadway crossings and at grade crossings."

"Phase 1 is anticipated to begin construction in 2017 and involves the majority of construction for the core route between Palm Springs and Coachella. It will involve the expenditure of the entire currently available budget [target $100 Million] and any additional funding that may be confirmed in the next two years of planning and design development."

All quotes from The CV Link Master Plan

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CV LINK Discussion - 1/14/2016

A detailed update on CV LINK and Rancho Mirage was on the agenda of the January 14th City Council session. The entire update and discussion is presented here.

CV Link Roundtable

On the April 12th election ballot Rancho Mirage Voters will be presented with 4 Ballot Measures in connection with the CV Link project. The first prevents future city councils from allowing small electric vehicles on several designated streets within Rancho Mirage without first going to the voters. The other three measures are advisory and intended to gauge the opinions of residents on certain aspects of the project.

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