Dana Hobart  Rancho Mirage Mayor

Welcome ...

Thank you for making the effort to learn more about me and how I view my role on the Rancho Mirage City Council. I bring over 12-years of civic leadership and and my lifetime of legal experience to the job. I support enlightened government, free of conflicts of interest.

My Stengths and Convictions

When I was first elected in 2002 my goal was to secure council passage of some "large" projects that would significantly benefit the city. Things like initiating the undergrounding of the overhead lines that plagued many of our residential communities. Or, solidifying our "small city" size by formally releasing the 3,000 acres north of the I-10 (adjacent to Thousand Palms) that the county had designated for future expansion. While a few wanted to see the city become a a large city, I felt (and the council agreed) that most residents loved the city virtually as is.

Economic Considerations

For the past several years I have been turning to our economic strengths and weaknesses. It is my hope to build on our strengths, especially through Section 19, to ensure the city is financially strong for the coming decades.

Even for a fairly accomplished lawyer, it takes time to learn the deeply buried and arcane processes which impact the level of current and future employee salaries. Space does not permit a discussion of these subtleties, but they do exist and many are contrary to sound economic principles. You have been reading frightening stories of scandalous pensions and unfunded pension liabilities. You should be concerned. This will be one of my primary pursuits if I am returned to office on April 8th.

Fighting for Gay Rights for Decades

In my legal career I have represented gays and lesbians in entrapment and other criminal cases. My office was in Hollywood at the time and I defended numerous members of the LGBT community in all types criminal charges. I have been battling for equal rights and freedom from harrassment since the mid-1960s.

Dana Hobart

My goals as your Councilman

  • To promote a business friendly atmosphere in Rancho Mirage, conducive to attracting quality sales tax-producing businesses into the city.
  • To encourage in fiscally sound ways the development of hotels within the city because of their huge impact on city revenues.
  • To protect public funds from being improperly expended on private business enterprises already in the city'
  • To increase cultural opportunities for the city, including expanding the events available at our public library.
  • To ensure that our residential communities are not zoned to allow homeless shelters or business enterprises.
  • To ensure that our residential communities are not zoned to allow excessive density.
  • To maintain the concept of Rancho Mirage remaining a small but diverse city that welcomes everyone - yet not lose its "oasis in the desert" feel and quality
  • To remain a fiscally strong city that maintains adequate reserves to meet the known and unknown issues that may arise.
  • To continue to develop the resources and training essential to provide residents relief in the event of catastrophic future events.
  • To maintain fiscally responsible staff and council leadership capable of professionally managing the City's $200,000,000 portfolio.
  • To maintain the tradition of providing residents with an array of free and/or affordable amenities that improve the quality of life of all residents. (Such as our free ambulance service for residents.)
  • To enhance our current vision of Rancho Mirage being a small city, but with a powerful economic engine to ensure its viability for decades to come.
  • To continue our atmosphere of being resident-friendly and willing to work with residents to solve their own, unique problems and issues.
  • To welcome all persons moving to our community: families large and small; singles; couples; children., and pets.
  • To participate in the activities and lives of the schools of our city, with a willingness to assist where possible.
  • To encourage business and housing development in a form that comports with our unique zoning regulations.
  • To enact strict conflict-of-interest rules and regulations for staff and council members.
  • To encourage the adoption of shelter animals.
Breaking News


As we had frequently predicted, on June 27, 2016, the CVAG Executive Committee passed the motion required to place the CV Link within the "TPPS" list of projects. Only projects on the "TPPS" list are eligible for Measure "A" funds from CVAG. Now, CVAG will use Measure "A" funds for the CV Link construction and maintenance costs of the CV Link's 14-feet of specially constructed pathway required for the speedy, car-like Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs).

With virtually no discussion (because CVAG's dinner meeting was scheduled to start), and without prior notice to the public (and apparently unnoticed by the local newspaper) the single vote also placed on the TPPS list an additional $193.6 million worth of additional routes for NEVs and bicycles... Read Full Letter


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Dana and his wife, Vicki, have lived in Rancho Mirage since 1993. They have four children and three dogs.

Hobart Family Portrait

After serving in the US Air Force from 1950 to 1954, Dana attended local colleges, graduating from California State University in 1959, and received his Juris Doctorate from USC School of Law in 1963.

LawAs an attorney Dana achieved a variety of honors and achievements. He was President of the Consumers Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, he has been identified annually in "Best Lawyers In America" from 1987 to 2014, and since the mid-1970'swas conferred the highest rating by Martindale-Hubbell. Dana also taught civil trial law at a Los Angeles law school. He has pleaded and won precedent-setting cases, including one before the United States Supreme Court.

U.S. Supreme Court Oral Argument

Dana Hobart argued before the US Supreme Court in the case of Farmer v. Carpenters Union, 1976. The case involved a member of Carpenter's Local #25 (Los Angeles).The union leaders disliked him because he was going to run for Local President. Those leaders used various techniques to prevent Mr. Hill from obtaining work assignments from the union hall in an effort to starve him out of the union.

Hobart took the case to Superior Court where a Los Angeles jury awarded $175,000 to the union member. On appeal by the union, the California Supreme Court overruled the trial court and held that the case should have been relegated to a hearing before the National Labor Relations Board (where a maximum of $2,000 could be awarded). The US Supreme Court held that such a case could avoid the NLRB and be presented to a jury in Superior Court. As a result of this decision union members could no longer be mistreated with impunity by their officers. Henceforth, union members throughout the country could sue their unions for such outrageous conduct.

You can hear the complete argument before the US Supreme Court BY CLICKING HERE.

Dana Hobart at mediation
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